Friday, April 8, 2011


One of our local super market is having a monopoly game for their costumers. It is a board game. Collect and win game over $9,000,000 in prizes and money savings offers. They feature some products that are eligible for the game. Every products you purchase, the cashier gives you a ticket. The more you buy the more ticket you will get. You can stick the tickets to the board. You have to find the exact numbers that match and stick in the certain prizes. This is like a thank you for their costumers. You buy their products at the same you have a chance to win a prizes. The prizes are Cash valued at 250,000 for one winner. Mortgage pay off valued at 200,000 for one winner. Vehicle of your choice valued at 30,000 for two winners. Room make over valued at $15,000 for six winners. Dream vacation valued at $7,500 for eight winners. Free groceries for a year valued at $5,200 for ten winners. Carnival cruise valued at 4,000 six winners. Fashion wardrobe make- over valued at $2,500 for 12 winners. Big screen TV valued at $1,500 for 15 winners. Home Computer system valued at $1,000 20 winners. Gas grill valued at $500 for 50 winners. Gift card of your choice valued at $250 for 100 winners. Garmin or E-Reader valued at $150 for 150 winners. Nikon camera valued at $100 for 175 winners. Store gift card valued at $50 for 200 winners. Family Night free diner valued at $20 for 500 winners. Monopoly board game valued at $15 for 1,500 winners. Cash game value at $10 for 1,500 winners. Cash game valued at $5 for 10,000 winners. I have few games that only needs one ticket so I can claim the prizes. How I wish I could win the mortgage, vehicle, free groceries for a year, computer, cruise, TV and camera.


amazey said...

Your newest follower via GFC and Networked Blogs. My local store Brookshires did that too for a while and we really got into it. The most we won was a $20 gift card. It was still fun but I could have used the $1 million for sure!

Easy-2-Save said...

I hope you win one of the big prizes :)
By the way thank you for following me @ Blog Hop.
I am following you as well.

wifetoalineman02 said...

Hello Amazey,
Thank you for following back. I do appreciated. How I wish I will win but it was worth a try.

wifetoalineman02 said...

Hello Easy-2-Save,
Thank you for the follow do appreciated it. I also follow your other blog. Playing is always fun but it was worth a try.

Cyn said...

Thanks for stopping by and following my blog! Returning the love... on ALL your blogs and twitter!
The Purple Goddess