Saturday, April 23, 2011

How do you keep your stove top clean?

My husband and I always have arguments with everything. This includes how to clean the stove top.

Honestly I am sick and tired of the arguments. Sometimes I forgot to clean the stove after

cooking. I have a two hungry mouths to feed that I do not clean the stove right away. Do you clean

your stove top after cooking? What do you used to keep it clean usually? If I have a choice I will

not use the stove top to keep it clean that way forever. How I wish we have a separate kitchen.

Where I can use firewood like in the Philippines.

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Nita said...

I can relate. When my MIL still living with us, she always told me to clean the stove right away. She said, hazardous components such as oil and grease, it becomes easier to start a fire.