Thursday, March 10, 2011

Labels and Overlays

There is a small commercial business in our neighborhood. I am wondering if he use  custom labels for his machine products. My husband often go in that place to rent a machine but I never see a custom label for that commercial business. I think the owner needs a custom labels to make his business knew not just in the neighborhood but  perhaps in the city too. I will give my husband this website next time he return the machine. He can share it to the owner to create a custom labels for his business. The owner knows my husband. I know that he will not be disappointed when he check the website.

I am watching TV and noticed that there is no graphic overlays  on the remote. It is probably ruined by my kids. Now I cannot catch up on my favorite show on TV. I cannot even call the TV company because I cannot read what is on the remote. I need to take the remote back. I make sure that there is a clear graphic overlays on the new remote. I will talk to the receptionist about the website and their company should order graphic overlays for there remotes.

I recommend this website to everybody especially if you have the commercial and industrial business. I know some friends too that are connected with military. A great website to make your own military application labels. Make us more proud of them for fighting for our country.

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