Thursday, March 10, 2011

Camping needs

My family never experience camping before. We always plan for it but never happen.

Now that the kids are eight and four years old, this is the best time to do camping. Grandma and Grandpa

has a camp ground in the Southern Tier. I know that mom and dad will open their camp

in the Spring time. We need to buy a new camping grill when we go down at the camp,

because the ones they have is old and needs to be replace. Dad and my husband likes

to grill a lot. I know we will enjoy our first time camping if we have a new camping grill

to use. There is a fire pit at grandma and grandpa's camp in the backyard. What is missing is the

tiki torches. The kids will have the  fun to warm their marshmallows because of the

brightness of the tiki torches brings. They can stay longer outside too and enjoy the

environment. Now I know what website to buy camping grill, tiki torches and other camping

needs. I hope to have a memorable family camping experience this Summer.

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