Friday, March 11, 2011

Daddy and daughter bonding

          A moment likes this seldom occurs. My husband wants to check the store for a dresser 
or a book case combination. We needed it so bad as the kids paper works from school 
is overwhelming. I know that Mommy likes me that has kids know what I am talking 
about. He wants to bring his daughter with him. Mommy and son stay at home. We 
cannot go because my son is not feeling well. It was raining that day. They both bring 
umbrellas with them. My little girl looks so cute with her Princess umbrella. Daddy and 
daughter were gone for two hours or so. When they got home, daddy said he did not find 
any thing he wants. He instead call the Amish. Tell him what he wants and ask for 
estimate. He is very picky in terms of household items. He wants the best and willing to 
pay more. You get what you pay for. Daddy ending buying her daughter a 
strawberry shortcake toy. Daddy always spoiled her Princess with toys as usual. It is a 
remote car. Strawberry shortcake can sit and pretend she is driving. It makes a cool 
music too.span>

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