Monday, February 28, 2011


Winter is one of my family's favorite season. It doesn't matter if it is freezing outside since they bundled-up and they are all set. Saturday night snowed and there is a good  
snow packing to build a snowman. Daddy and his kids helped to build the snowmen while Mommy is inside the house doing her chores. This is a great family  
bonding for daddy and his kids as he works a lot. It did not took them awhile to build  
snowman. They were looking rocks as his eyes, sticks as his arms and put a hat and a  
scarf and snowman are finished. I took a picture of him while I was inside the house.  
I was planning to take a picture with snowman and the kids but they were busy skating  
after building him. I am glad I took one picture of him coz it rained last night and  
snowman melted.

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