Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Income Tax Refund

As you all know leaving in America if you have a work, you have to pay tax to the government and you will 
get a refund for the following year. You can also claim a refund from many sources like from your stocks, 
from appliances or renovation you did in your house, also from charity, mortgage and so many other things. 
We received our Federal first and I hope the State will follow. It is not as big as couple years ago because 
my hubby only claim himself, now he claimed four and he takes home bigger. My hubby will helped me 
apply for a US passport so as my son as his is expired already. Then I will apply for a dual citizenship for the 
three of us, myself and my two kids so we will be Filipino citizens again. For the future, if they want to go to the 
Philippines and they are legal to live and work there. Who knows only GOD will guide them. Wishing 
everybody will get there refunds soon.

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