Sunday, February 27, 2011

What A Great Bargain

Yesterday I went to the store as I have $40 coupon good as Cash and also a %15

coupon. I love to check their clearance as always, wishing I could find clothes for my

kids for next year to wear or something I could sell on the auction website. I found a

Princess swimsuit for $2.60(the original price is $26) and I thought it is for a toddler

girl. I grab it and thinking that I could sell it on the auction website. I went home and my

little girl helped me open the bags. She saw the Princess swimsuit and I told her that it is

for a little girl but to my surprised it is a size 6. I said it is perfect because she is wearing size six

now. She tried it and was so happy that she has a new swimsuit and it is Princess too

which is one of her character. My being a clothes hunter paid off. I enclosed a

picture above.

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