Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hearing some nice words from my supervisor at work

Yesterday while I was working, Miss D (the nurse) told me that I need to get a second dose of the PPD shot. It is a skin test if you have a tuberculosis with you. I had once done and turned out negative. You needed two doses as it is required. I am done with the PPD test. The next time I will have it is next year if I continue to work with this health care facility.

I am in my last room to clean when Ms. D asks me that she needed me in her office for the PPD shot. I told her that she is mean every time she gave me a shot. She just smiles at me. She knew that I hate shot.

I left after I had the shot and continue my work. I noticed that my left arm where I had a shot is bleeding. I went to the nurse office but no one is around. I went to my supervisor's office and asks her if she has a band-aide. She said she does not have any but she knows where the nurse put the band-aide.

She covered my arm with the band-aide. I told her thank you for doing that. She said that "I am so sweet" and that they are lucky to hired me. I just smiled back and told her that I am grateful and lucky to work here. I told her that I have the best supervisor which she is. My supervisor always work for our schedules. She always around every time we need something.

I LOVED working in this health care facility. I LOVED talking to the residents and help them if I could. Being kind to one another makes working this health care facility the best place to work for me.


Elizabeth O. said...

It's nice to have a good boss at work. They motivate you to work well and to improve as well. Good to know you have one where you work!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Is it a nursing home sis? I think it would be nice to work with older folks.

Nova said...

That's so nice for you to share mommy jess, to be appreciated with your Boss is what makes us motivates to make our work even better. keep it up.

Maria Teresa Figuerres said...

You're so lucky to have co-workers who are sweet, supportive and very helpful. Surely, those things make your job a lot more fun.