Thursday, November 27, 2014

My Thanksgiving dinner preparations

My hubby is scheduled to work on Thanksgiving. He also will work overtime. He will miss Thanksgiving dinner with his family. We decided to have our Thanksgiving dinner a day before Thanksgiving Day.
 photo Thanksgivingpreparation_zps8f1bfdc3.jpg

My husband went with me to the grocery store yesterday. We bought stuff we need for Thanksgiving dinner. I am not a good cook but am willing to learn as always. I search online for classic Thanksgiving dishes. I always love cooking classic dishes. 

I made a list for our grocery trips. We ended buying a 15 ponder young turkey. We also bought stuffing, gravy, beans, pie crust, apples, cranberry, lemon juice, ground cinnamon. It was fun cooking Thanksgiving dinner especially when my family helped out.   

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