Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What happened to that Pitbull dog

Maggie as my kids gave the name to the puppy female Pitbull is gone from our home. We keep her for a day. Maggie was fed and shower with much love from our family. She is such a sweet Pitbull dog that we will never forget despite having her for just a day.

 photo maggieourpitbulldog_zps1fab8921.jpg
Maggie last day with us
My husband called the animal shelter the next day. He was then transferred to a dog warden number. The dog warden is connected to the animal shelter as well. The dog warden is skinny and I bet a smoker. He brought a rope with him. He is also carrying a gun with him. He said that Maggie is four months old. He also think that Maggie is a very good dog because she let him touch her face. He told my husband that the dog will return to the animal shelter. She will get check if there is a chip with her. A chip is like a grain of rice where it is inserted in the dogs ears. It will be check for number and information will shop up in the computer. If the dog has a chip, they will call the owner and ask for them to pick up the dog and show some papers like vaccines. If there is no chip, the dog is up for adoption. The dog will stay alive and it will not killed.

Fortunately, Maggie has a chip inserted in her hear. They found her owner and was contacted. She said that she did not know that her dog was lost. Oh I do not know if I believe that. The dog is gone for 24 hours. Maybe she was not home.

We are happy that Maggie went back to her owner. I hope that she will take care of that dog. We loved her already even for a day.


Pretty Kat said...

Bueng! asa man diay sya nag laag-laag nga wa man sya kabalo nga nawala iya dog... :(

Unknown said...

Im glad that Maggie get reunited to her owner. Thanks to your family for keeping her safe !


Ria C said...

It's one of the easiest thing to do sis - to fall in love with man's best friend.

Just yesterday, I was crying my heart out bec our little Millie is not well. We bought her to the vet and thank goodness, nothing is wrong with her bloodwork. For several days, I'm just unable to sleep well bec I am worried for my "youngest four-legged daughter."

Our pets are not just animals. They become part of our family and that's the beauty of having a pet whether they are dogs, cats, birds or other critters. They teach you how to love purely...

I hope you'll have the chance to keep her.