Friday, May 23, 2014

Visiting Maggie(the Pitbull dog that we found) at the SPCA

I joined this contest in Facebook about  the Fifty Shades of Grey challenge everyday. Every day there is a challenge to post a picture about each theme that day. After the husband took a picture of me that day in the elevator at the court-house, he asks me if I want to see Maggie, I said absolutely I missed Maggie so very much and wondering how she is doing.

 photo SPCA_zps4b8eebe3.jpg
our animal shelter at our town, SPCA
We drove for at least 20 minutes to the SPCA, our animal shelter here in our town. We found out that Maggie(the kids named her that) did not picked up by the owner. She is totally abandon. Poor Maggie, my heart breaks for her.

 photo SPCAA_zps0820b8c8.jpg
visiting Maggie at the SPCA
We saw here where the dogs are. There are many Pitbull dogs at the animal shelter too. The odor is so nasty. It makes me sick. We were looking at the dogs and there she is we see our Maggie. She has the name Vicki on the paper. I cried right away. I have no clue why I am so attached with this dog. I admit I am not an animal lover like my husband and my kids though I take care of them. Even my husband is surprise that I like Maggie so very much.

Maggie has a little bed where she can sit or sleep. She also has a water dish. It looks very clean. She can go outside from her cage. Maggie is still wearing that same collar. I know that it is her because we notice the collar. My husband talk and pet Maggie. She is such a sweetheart for a Pitbull dog. She is very quite not like the other dogs around her that barks like crazy. It was awesome to see Maggie. I missed that dog very much.

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