Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why weather cannot make up her mind

It was 79 degrees Fahrenheit that day. It feels a lot like summer though it is spring. The kids were enjoying the sun that day. They wear tanks, shorts and flip-flops. What an awesome treat that is from the weather.

 photo enjoyingthewarmday_zps7279d2e9.jpg
enjoying the warm day
The kids even take off their flip-flops and barefoot. They both have the white feet. It needs the sun very badly. Later we know, the weather cannot make up her mind again. The next day, it was snowing and back to the winter weather. The temperature was in the 30's. It went from 79 to 30 and back to winter coat and boots again.

 photo snowingthenextday_zps27549569.jpg
a view from our pond
Today feels like winter too. It is not snowing but it is really cold. You need to bundled-up if you want to get out. Tomorrow the highs will be in the 60's, that would be awesome.

How is the weather where you at right now?


Heather Jones said...

Weather tends to be like that for us here all the time. While the rest of the country had brutal winter temps, we had a very mild winter with very little rainfall. We are in a severe drought. Completely different than the rest of the country.

Unknown said...

It is 9 oclock at night and it is still 61 degrees, so we are doing good today!

Frugal and Fun Mom said...

Tell me about it. I swam in our pool one day this week, and the next day it was 65 degrees out. Then the wind and storms came rolling in. Nutty weather for sure.

Donna said...

Crazy here, too. Sunday it was in the 80s and Tuesday in the 30s.

Unknown said...

The weather is a bit chilly where I'm at. It's been up and down as well. Soon we'll be complaining about the scorching heat thought. Guess you take what you can get :-)

Liz Mays said...

It has to be the craziest winter I can remember! It really is like every other day with a big temperature variance!