Saturday, January 11, 2014

Thanks God for the fireplace

It was last week when the temperature is below zero. It was negative one where we live. The schools were close. I am happy about that. The wind chill is negative 21. It is very dangerous for your expose skin. Can you imagine kids outside in that frigid temperature waiting for the bus? My kids are lucky that we have a bus shed. They are warm inside while waiting for the bus. What about other kids?

 photo thanksGodforfireplace.jpg
I thank God for the fireplace and for my hard-working husband of mine too. I felt badly that he is working last week. There is even blizzard in the city. It was negative five and the wind chill is negative 35. He said that he cannot see the car in front of him. He drives his work truck. He said that it is very cold. They only stay outside for two minutes and back inside the truck to warm up. He also said that his eye brows were covered by snow.

I am thankful that we have the fireplace to keep my family warm. It is not fun cutting the wood, split them and file it in the garage. It is a hard work. It saves us with the electric bill. We do not turn our thermostat. The fireplace is our main heat.

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