Monday, January 13, 2014

Kids and their gadgets, what is up with that?

The kids are really lucky to have the gadgets at a young age. I wash in senior high school when I learned how to use the computer. We have to do it in a group as well. Today’s generation is more advance in terms of gadgets. My kids are one of those advance kids that have gadgets on their own.

 photo kidsandtheirgadgets.jpg
I took this picture of my kids with their niece. They were all so busy playing with their gadgets that they do not notice that I took a snap shot with them. M is my husband’s grand-daughter who is busy playing her Nook from Santa. The little K is busy playing with my Nook that I got on my Christmas birthday. The big K is busy playing with their iPad.

How about you? Are your kids like my kids as well? Do you allow them to play in their gadgets?

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