Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My kids received a letter from Santa

They saw Santa Claus few weeks ago at Day Road Park. They also brought their Christmas wish list and drop in Santa’s mail box. It was really cold that night. I am glad that we did not wait for a long line to take a picture and talk to Santa.

 photo Santasletter.jpg
They had an awesome time talking to Santa. I am glad that they both told Santa what they wish for Christmas. We were surprised that the kids received a letter from Santa. This is what it says on the letter.
 photo SantasletterA.jpg
Dear K,
            Thank you so much for sending
Your letter to the Christmas Cottage!
I hope you have been doing well
This year, remember to always be on
Your best behavior as I am always watching
I will do my best to bring all
The boys and girls something special
From my sleigh. Mrs. Claus and the Reindeer
Say hello! Please get to bed early on
Christmas Eve and remember to sprinkle
Your Santa Claus dust on the snow!
Have a merry Christmas!
Your Friend,
Santa Claus

 photo SantaClausDust.jpg
It also came with a Santa Dust. They will use the dust to spread on the yard tonight before going to bed.
I hope that Santa will come. We will see on the Christmas morning.

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