Thursday, November 21, 2013

How to pay your bills online easily

My husband asks me to pay one of my bills online. It is my Target credit card which the due is in two days. He wants me to pay online so not to miss the due date. The purchased I made from my Target credit card is our kids’ clothes. He does not mind paying the bills.

What are the advantages of paying your bills online?
1. You can save time.
2. You can save the postage.
3. You can schedule your payments.

What are the disadvantages of paying your bills online?
1. You have to be careful with spammers. They might send your email to trick you to update your profile. Please read your emails properly.

My dues are now paid. I will not charge with any late fees. It can affect my credit score if I pay my bills late even just for a day.  My Target credit card bill is $100. The minimum payment is $25. My husband paid $50. He does not like to pay minimum payment. I hope that I will not use my Target card for a while after this bill is fully paid.  

How about you? How do you pay your bills? Do you mail your payments? Do you pay it online like me?

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