Thursday, June 6, 2013

Las Vegas the best city to spend girl’s night out with your friends

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I remember that time when one of my girl friend celebrated her 40th birthday. We had a lunch date with just all girls. It is in the famous hotel and has a casino here in Buffalo. We all had a wonderful time together. It was a fun time to bond with just girls and no kids around. We felt like a teen-ager once for our lives. We played in a casino. I am not a gambler but will try to play. It was one of the happiest moment of my life.  
She also went to Las Vegas with her family. She told us how fun and excitement it is if only all of us girls were there with her. She did we will have a blast. We can go to the strip club and just having a wonderful time. How I wish that we can go all together. Summer  is almost here. Some schools have no class already. It is the perfect time to fly and explore  the sin city. Southwest Airlines vacation has the best deal for Las Vegas Vacations now.  We can also save when we fly to Southwest Airlines vacation because all our bags will fly free. We can save $120 for a round trip. I am sure that the girls can use that money to buy a souvenir from Las Vegas.  
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I think we will pick the second choice as all of us loves to eat food and some likes to drink. I cannot wait for this vacation. I will call my girl friends to see if they are going somewhere or perhaps they are now in Las Vegas.  Most of us girls are naughty and we will enjoy Las Vegas the most.  
How about you? Are you getting married soon? Do you want to treat your girl friends in a Bachelorette party? Why not check out the best deals above from the SouthWest Airlines vacation to Las Vegas and your girl friends will have the best Bachelorette party ever.    

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I envied my friends when they went to Vegas last year. Too bad, I wasn't able to come because I just had a baby and some of them were single, other friend was married but no children yet. So, I was left alone. Maybe someday, I could go to Vegas and enjoy life to the fullest! hehehe

Rcel said...

I have a picture of myself taken in that very Welcome to Las Vegas sign. It was fun because there were a lot of people trying to pose and take a snap with it. Indeed, Vegas is a fun place for friends. Too many entertainments there to enjoy but much money one should be when he/she goes there! Lol.

jheylo said...

I heard so many good things about Las Vegas, just the night lights and water show alone sounds exciting to me. Wish to visit there some day too.

Mel Cole said...

I want to see Las Vegas someday! I want to see their zoo as they have bigger ones there. I want to see what casino buildings look like!

Pinx said...

my eldest son wants to visit Las Vegas because he has been so fascinated with the buildings and casino hotels there when he was looking for pictures of different building in my ipad. so if we are given the chance to have a vacation, we will for sure head to las vegas and chcek out if we can still get vacation packages.

Bless said...

"What happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas." This is the famous line I always hear when someone mentions about Las Vegas. And yes, to have a girl bonding here in this city would be awesome :-)