Monday, June 3, 2013

Bought a new shower head

We live in this house for almost six (6) years now. There are two showers in this house. There are three bathrooms. The main bathroom has no shower. We seldom use our shower in our room. It is very cold in that room. My husband makes sure that our shower is clean before his daughter and his grand-daughter will arrive from Florida.

He checked the shower in our bathroom. It looks like the shower is not functioning well. He talked to a mechanic who will fix our sink faucet. He did check the shower. The plumber advises my husband to buy a new shower head. The plumber will put it for him.

 photo Moenshowerhead.jpg

My husband and I went to Home Depot. We bought the sink faucet and this shower head. The shower head is from the new company called Moen. My husband decided to change the old shower head to the new shower head. He was very happy that he did it. He is not expert in any plumbing. He will try to fix it. When he cannot fix it, he will call a plumber and pay to fix the problem. Now he is taking the shower in our bathroom instead in the kids bathroom.  It is ready if her daughter and grand-daughter will use the shower.

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