Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chicago Blackhawk’s won the Stanley Cup 2013

It was two days ago when Chicago Blackhawk’s won the Stanley cup championship against Boston Bruins 3-2. I thought that the Boston Bruins will tie the standing that night. The Chicago Blackhawk’s came back and scored twice in a few minutes. The Chicago Blackhawk’s won the hockey championship.

 photo chicagoblackhawks.jpg
(photo not mine)

The franchise won the Stanley Cup twice in four years time.  The MVP is Patrick Kane which I will write it in my sports journal. Did you watched it? We watched that Monday night game. My kids and I watched it as my husband still at work and be home in a later time that night. We are all hockey fans.

We want to congratulate the Chicago Blackhawk’s for winning the Stanley Cup. I hope that our team Buffalo Sabres will do great this year. I hope also that th

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