Monday, April 8, 2013

My racer back Victoria’s Secret bra

I have a $10 off coupon from Victoria’s Secret that I got in the mail sometime this month. I am glad that I get to redeem before it will expire. The last month’s coupon expire because I do not have time  to drive to the mall because of the bad weather. The kids were with me when we went to Victoria’s Secret last week.

 photo racerbackbra.jpg
I was looking around inside the Victoria’s Secret store when the woman work in the store ask me if I need help. I showed her my V Victoria’s Secret coupon and showed me the bra that is qualify for the coupon. She then asks me what is my bra size. I said I wear a size 34 B and she said that she thinks that I should wear a size 36 because she is wearing size 36. She asks me if she could measure me and I said yes. She was right my bra size is 36 b. All along I wear a different size bra. I wonder that too because it feels like they are a bit small on me.

I was thankful to her for finding me the right bra to wear. I found the bra type that I want. I love to wear tank top and wearing regular bra will show your bra straps.  I am happy that I bought this pink racer back bra for a $29.50  and use my $10 off so I just pay $19.50. Most of bra are all Victoria’s Secret. I just love their material.

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