Sunday, April 21, 2013

Let’s get party my flip-flops from Victoria’s Secret

I bought this pink flip-flops from Victoria’s Secret at the mall for $5. You have to buy any pink products to get the flip-flops for that amount. It cost more without any purchase included. It is a size medium 7/8 flip-flops. I love the pink color though they have many colors available to buy.  It also has a word LET’S GET PARTY on the front.
 photo VictoriasSecretflipflops.jpg
It also comes with a plastic bag to keep it clean when you are not using it.
 photo VictoriasSecretflipflopsA.jpg
I love this flip-flops. It is so soft to wear. I wear it around the house and once outside last week when the weather is really warm. Now it is back to being freezing. I am even in front of the fireplace while writing this post.

How about you? Did you get this deal from Victoria’s Secret too?

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