Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Chuck Taylor All Star Converse sneakers

I see a Converse shoes update in one of my Mom friends’ journal. I thought I will check the Converse website just for fun. I check their sales first. I always check the sale or clearance every time I shop.  I check their sale for women.
I found this Chuck Taylor All Star for $39.99. The original prize is $50.00. I check my favorite coupon code website if they have a coupon code for Converse store. I am happy that there is a 20% coupon code when you apply in the check out.

I search the size. I am glad that there is a size 7 or size 5 for me. The only colors left are the purple and orange. I pick orange or nectarine in color. I used the coupon code at the check out. I paid $24.49 plus shipping and taxes which come to the total of $31.90. I am very happy that I buy myself a pair of Converse shoes. This is my second shoe shopping for myself through my journal income. The first time I bought shoes for myself is a sketcher which I am using now.

I remember my Dad has a Converse shows when he was still alive. He has the white color. This Converse shoe is very soft. I really like it. I am very happy for myself. I seldom treat myself. It is always for my kids or sometimes for my husband.

What about you? Are you planning to buy shoes? Why not check out The shoes are still on sale now. Do not forget to check out the for coupon. Savings are awesome and at the same time you enjoy your shopping.  

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