Friday, October 5, 2012

My feminine hygiene wash that I use

I have used this feminine hygiene wash since I arrived in America ten years ago. I used Summer Eve’s product for my delicate body part. It comes with different favors as you might call it. I usually buy it at Wal-Mart but not this time. Our neighborhood pharmacy has a sale for this week. I always receive the magazines from them every week. I always check it before I throw it in the recycle bin.
This week’s sale is about feminine wash and lotion. I already post the lotion in my other journal. You can avail the next item for 50% if you buy one product. It is buy one take one 50% off. I usually buy the small size but since they have a sale I buy the biggest size I guess. This way I can use it for a long time. What about you? What kind of feminine wash you use for your delicate body part? Is there a certain favor that you like to use?  

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