Sunday, October 7, 2012

How PULL-UPS®Night*Time Glow in the Dark makes potty training fun and easy

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I know how potty train is not easy. I noticed that when my nieces and nephews were little. I watch my sisters potty trained their kids and it is no fun at all. Growing up in the Philippines, we did not use PULL-UPS® to potty train my nieces and nephew. I know how frustrating my sisters are.  
I was lucky when I have my own kids. Potty training them are fun and easy. There are times that you feel frustrated which is normal for us parents. I am sure that the kids feel frustrated as well because they want to called a big boy or big girl. What makes it easy for me is? The PULL-UPS® is a God sent from heaven especially at night. The PULL-UPS® are just like regular underwear for the kids. It comes with sizes from two(2) toddler to three(3) toddler who weights 18 to 34 ponds and three(3) toddler to four(4) toddler who weighs 32 to 40 pounds. The little girl can wear the Cinderella while the boys can wear McQueen or Mater. I am sure from those kids character, they are helpful to potty train them.  

How is your night-time bed routine with your kids? Do you struggle or not? We are lucky that our kids have no problem going to bed. We have the bed time routine that we stick since they were babies. We brush their teeth. They spend more time brushing their teeth. Put their pajamas. Read them a bed night story. We have to make sure too that they use their potty. Do you know what makes it more fun potty train at night is? When you use the PULL-UPS® Night*Time Glow in the Dark. This is very easy to do. You have to make sure that you stand near the night-light for 20 seconds with the PULL-UPS® and it will glow in the dark. I am sure the your kids will amaze that their PULL-UPS® lights up.  
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Unknown said...

Am sure it's a good stuff for potty training. Im in a process of potty training my lil miss and i hope i get the opportunity to blog and try this product to see if it really fun and easy hehehe