Monday, September 5, 2011

The chicken wings annual competition

Lasts weekend was the chicken wings annual competition held in our city. As you all know, Buffalo is famous with the Buffalo wings. No city can beat our chicken wings here in Buffalo. The name originates from our city. Buffalo wings is a must food for the weekend or at the parties. We missed the festival yesterday. We would come if we know it. There were 85,000 crowds who visited the festival. Visitors are from the 50 states and some are out of the country just to witness this famous festival. There is also a chicken wings eating competition. Guess who won? It is a woman from Virginia. She is Sonya Thomas. She eats one hundred eighty-three chicken wings in 12 minutes. She competes with the guys. She is so skinny. I wonder where she put all the wings.  She even beat her world record. Good for her, congrats Sonya. 

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Anonymous said...

Wow! great knowing about her eating ability. Sounds interesting festival and i would just love to participate it this, since i love chicken. But i could never eat more than 10. huh!

First time here, came from Mickie's blog :)