Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The 5 worst photos to post online

I have many friends and relatives that have accounts online. It is the best thing to exchange photos and learn updates from one another. I admit I am scared of downloading pictures especially for my kids. What about you? How do you protect your pictures online. Here are some ways I read online on the worst photo to post online.

1.Don't post pictures showing personal data
            This one is very important. You have to protect the identity of your kids and your family too.

2.Disable location services and geotagging
      make sure you check your camera or cell phone by turning off the geotagging.

3.Incriminating photos
    post only pictures that are pleasing to every ones eyes.

4. Cut out poorly cropped photos
     I do this all the time to avoid badly comment.s
5.Avoid webcam profile photos
     They are blurry, ask somebody to take a picture of you instead of the video cam.

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