Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who Is Your Bet?

of the three remaining ladies of The Bachelor? Chantal, Ashley or Emily? I like Chantal but I think Brad

will pick Emily in the end. She is sweet. I like watching reality show but The Bachelor is my favorite. I call

Monday my alone night time as I spend watching the TV by myself. Glad that there are three TVs in this

house, kids can watch there own show so as their daddy, so there is no trouble. Everybody is happy. Once in

a while, my little girl is asking me what I am watching and will tell I am watching Mommy's show

and she will leave the room because she knows that she cannot watch that show. Whoever lady will pick-up

in the end, wish them luck, hope their relationship will lasts especially in the real world where there is no

camera that is following there every moves.

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