Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thank You So Much Friendship

for the package, do appreciated it. My dearest friend, Leah with her daughter, just got back from there vacation in the Philippines. While she was still there, I asked her if she could buy me medicinal oil, fruit candies, and other stuff, but due to some circumstances I have not had the chance to send her funds for that. I called her few weeks when they come home and she told me that she has a surprised for me coming me in the mail, and it did came in yesterday's mail. Thank you so much friendship, that was so thoughtful of you. She also sent my kids cute handmade bracelets and necklace, that was so sweet of her. Thank you very much Aunt Leah. I also thank Ms. Claudine, Aunt Leah's younger sister for giving Kelsey really cute hair clips sets. She also gave me a sampler cd. Thank you very much friendship, do appreciated it. You are really one of a kind and I love you for that. I enclosed some pictures to show my gratitude to her and to her younger sister.

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