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The Birth Mother Book by Seymour Ubell

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Book Details:

Book TitleThe Birth Mother by Seymour Ubell
Category:  Adult Fiction (18 +),  338 pages
Genre:  Literary Fiction
Publisher:  Archway
Release date:  Sep 17, 2019
Tour dates: Dec 30, 2019 to Jan 10, 2020
Content Rating:  PG-13 + M: There is a rape scene that does not go into graphic detail, but the after affects are talked about and it may be a trigger for some. Deals with birth and babies. Mild language.

Book Description:

On a business trip, a high-powered fifty-six-year-old American entrepreneur visits his partners in China. After their meeting, his Asian mentor invites him to an orphanage, a trip that will change the course of his family's life forever. Without hesitation, he and his wife fall in love with Anglo/Asian twin girls and become their adoptive parents. The children grow up in a world of twists and turns with multiple coincidences and synchronicity. Their journey takes them from China to Europe to America and back to China where their unusual birth mother enters their lives. This powerful story is filled with drama at every turn as the daughters face internal and external challenges. The Birth Mother is a story filled with love, pathos, tragedy, and triumph. Read, laugh, cry, and learn. It's a tale you will never forget.

I rated this book 5 *****'s 

The most compelling book I read to start the year 

What a fantastic year to start as a bookworm after reading this book. It is the most compelling book I read so far and during the past years. I cannot remember how many times I have goosebumps while reading this book. It is so remarkable. If I could rate this story in 10 stars, I would. 

There is one scene that triggers me. I knew I already had a warning, but have to get through that brutal scene. It was not easy but I did read that scene. Adoption is kindest and generous thing you can do to give a child the best future she or he will have. This story is full of love, compassion and humbleness despite being successful. It teaches me more about Chinese. What an amazing book to read.

Meet the Author:

Seymour Ubell has spent most of his career in the print and advertising business. His clients are, and have been, the largest apparel, footwear, pharmaceutical, retail and consumer products companies in the world. He is a published author (A Life of Risks Taken, 2014 and The Birth Mother, 2019), lecturer, and raises funds for Parkinson’s research when he’s not at the theater with his wife, Marsha.

Connect with the Author:      website   ~   twitter   ~   facebook

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