Thursday, September 15, 2016

Limited Edition Diskin Is The Best Headphone

I seldom has a time by myself when my husband and my kids are around except few hours at night. If I have a day off at work and the three of them are at work and school. I have to make sure that I finished all the household chores before spending a quality time for myself.
 photo Diskin Limited Headphone_zpstxnum1ls.jpg
I love to watch a movie, listen to music and read a book if I have a free time without the family bothering me. I am always looking forward after dinner when the kids are on bed and so is the husband. I stay up late sometimes if I am not working the following day.
 photo Diskin Limited Headphone A_zpsjo9gpzn9.jpg
Recently,the Fifty Shades Darker trailer was out.
I cannot watch the trailer especially when my kids especially my little girl is around. There are some scenes that are not for her age. This Limited Diskin headphone solved that moment for me. I can listened to the trailer and watch it later when I am alone. I loved the sound the most of this headphone on my Nook.  It sounds so crystal clear. It feels like you are in movie theater watching the movie.
 photo Diskin Limited Headphone B_zpsh6pbewm1.jpg
I also loved the design of this Diskin headphone which you can buy exclusively in Amazon. You better hurry as it is limited. The design represents a LBGT Gay Pride with Rainbow and flag.  I know that there are people who are against of gay especially being married. As for me, it does not matter because it is their personal life as long as they are happy and am in for it. I have also gay nephews and friends that are lesbian which I loved them unconditionally.
 photo Diskin Limited Headphone C_zpsmpxz6twc.jpg
Owning this Diskin limited headphone is a privilege for me. This headphone is all mine as my kids have headphones as well. It is the best headphone for me that I ever owned. It is very easy to assemble and operate. The carrying case looks so elegant. I charged it once and it was fast by attaching the USB from the headphone to the computer. There is a button to adjust the volume which works amazingly.
 photo Diskin Limited Headphone D_zpsnw54njpd.jpg
I can now watch an adult show through my Nook secretly with the kids not noticing it. I also use this headphone while listening to an audio of the book that I need to review soon. It sounded great.
 photo Diskin Limited Headphone E_zpszrbbq2ul.jpg
Listening to the Fifty Shades movie soundtrack from the computer works perfectly. You can even put the headphone down and you still can hear the music playing. This Diskin headphone is amazing. I loved it. I highly recommend it to everybody who is a supporter of Gay or wants to own a very cool headphone design.
 photo Diskin Limited Headphone F_zpsmgolywka.jpg
This Diskin headphone has a bluetooth. I have not try it though.
 photo Diskin Limited Headphone G_zpsz6zfv8or.jpg
I received the Diskin Limited Headphone free in exchange of my honest review.


Chubskulit Rose said...

Awww that looks very comfy in your ear! I would love me a good pair of headphones.

mom's shout out said...

perfect item to add on the bucket list of things to buy for holiday gifts

The Seafarer's Wife Diaries said...

Wow this headphone looks awesome and comfy. I would love to have this one for my toddler. He loves music and listening rhymes.

Teresa Martinez said...

This looks like a neat gadget to have around for entertainment

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

My daughter needs a quality headphone. I'll be looking for this brand and check it for her.

Nova said...

I like the design and I'm sure that it is very comfortable for your ears as well as for your to listen.

Zwitsy said...

Hmmm, the headphone looks comfy too! I surely believe that it doesn't just keep you focus on whatever you do should you be using that, you'll also get comfortable. I don't own that kind of headphone but I have tried using similar look, though in my friend's home.