Sunday, January 19, 2014

A new outfit for her dolls

I saw this outfit for her doll on sale at American Girl website. It was on sale for $7.50.
 photo AmericanGirldolloutfits.jpg
I bought three the same outfits for her dolls. The outfits are long sleeve top, pants and shoes. It also comes with a charm bracelet. You seldom see outfits on sale for that price that cheap. I grab the opportunity to buy three outfits.

 photo AmericanGirldolloutfitsA.jpg
After we opened all her Christmas gifts from Santa, the little K then dresses her three dolls with the same outfits. They all look like triplets. The dolls are all so cute. She is very funny indeed. She can create silly poses with her dolls. There is also a picture of her with her dolls.

 photo AmericanGirldolloutfitsB.jpg
This little girl of mine is very lucky to have the three dolls. I only had one doll when I was a little girl. How about you? Do you play doll when you were little?

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Rovie Aguis said...

What a cutie! Surely pretty K was having a great time dressing up and playing with her dolls.