Monday, October 28, 2013

My interim license (temporary driving license)

I renew my driving license last Thursday. It did not take me long to renew it. I had my eye test and passed with flying colors. She also took a picture of me. The woman in the register gave me a number. I waited at four (4) people before my number was called. I also register to vote. I applied through the machine in the register. I also bring my US naturalization certificate just if they need proof. Luckily, I did not encounter any problem. I also paid $64.50 for my driving license renewal fee. The woman in the register asked me to sign.
 photo interimlicense.jpg
She then gave me this interim license or temporary license.  This interim license will expire on January 2014. I am sure before that I will receive my new driving license in the mail. My new driving license will expire in 2021.  It will expire on eight (8) years. I hope that I will not receive any traffic violation ticket. I was a law-abiding citizen for three (3) years. I cannot wait to receive my new driving license in the mail very soon. It takes at least two weeks.

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