Sunday, October 13, 2013

A tweet from one of my favorite author

This was almost two (2) months ago when I bought three (3) new books from one of my favorite author Sylvia Day. I am very excited when I arrived home from the bookstore. I know I want to read the books right away. I do not know which books to read first.

 photo atweetfrommyfavoriteauthor.jpg
I am one of her 84 thousand Twitter followers of Ms. Sylvia Day. The best way to know which the book to read is ask the author, right? I felt blessed that Ms. Sylvia Day sent me a tweet. I did follow her suggestions. I just finished reading the last book which is a passion for him. It is a beautiful story to read. It is historical book.  I want to say thank you to Ms. Sylvia Day for a tweet. It made my day.

 photo atweetfrommyfavoriteauthorA.jpg
I am waiting for her new book. She has one book coming next month to publish. It is a part two of book called After Shock which will publish on November 12th. It is a contemporary romance which I love to read.

How about you? Have you read any books of Ms. Sylvia Day? You should check them out. She is also one of New York’s best seller authors.

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Deli said...

I think Ms Day is really cool, she takes the time to answer to you despite her number of followers. Not all celebrity or famous people are like that. Some can not bother anymore to answer a tweet of their followers :)