Saturday, September 21, 2013

My 3rd year as being naturalized American citizen

It was a week ago when I became a naturalized American citizen. This year is my 3rd year. It took me a while to decide to give up my Filipino citizenship. It was not easy but I did it. It took me eight (8) years to apply finally for an American citizenship.

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My processing was easy. I think I waited for a month before I first received my notice that my application was accepted. The next month after I went to the US Immigration in the city to have my finger printing. They also gave me a CD and book to study about the US history. The month after I did received another noticed that I will have my interview. I did study the US history seriously and played the CD every time I am in the car or at home. It helped me a lot to learn the US history. I was very ready when I had my interview. I remember I was asked about four (4) questions. I also had my oath to tell the truth. I did a written exam and read few words. It was a very easy interview. I thank God that I passed and so as my family.

It was September 14th of 2010 when I finally received my certification of being an American citizen. There were many applicants during the oath ceremony. I am the only one who comes from the Philippines. I thought the ceremony is inside the building. Unfortunately, it was outside. It was very chilly that day. It feels like autumn. I do wear a jacket to cover my dress.

How about you? Are you an American citizen? Do you have plans of applying of becoming an American citizen? It is very easy to apply. All you do is asked for a form online. They can mail it to you. What I did was? I study the US history online to learn more about US history. It does help me a lot before my interview. You have to make sure that you learn information especially your travel outside the USA. All you do is pay attention to your passport. You can study the US history and questions are mostly personal for your interview. I am not sure how much is the fees now to apply for an American citizen. I knew we paid $675 three years ago. They accept check or money order. I wish you good luck.

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