Saturday, July 27, 2013

Meeting a friend and her family

Finally I met Mommy N and her family couple weeks ago. I knew Mommy N from a group in Facebook. I noticed that she lives from the place where my in-laws have a camp site. I like her instantly. C her son is so cute. He is shy at first and warm up. Mr.  J her husband is a nice man. I hope to see them again.

 photo meetinganonlinefriend.jpg
We finally had a chance to meet when her family attended a graduation party in my city. We are driving from Rochester that day too. I am glad that she waits for me and my little K before driving back to their house. It was a short meeting but am glad and happy that we finally met.

How I wish that we have more time next time. I would love them to invite our house. My kids and her kid can play together. They can go swimming, fishing and just having fun. I want to say it was a pleasure meeting you Mommy N and your family.

I took four pictures but this picture only turn out good. I am still happy about it that we have a picture. Thank you to her husband for taking the picture.


Rcel said...

Wow! That is so nice, Momi Jess! Bloggers finally met! Our turn soon! So excited! ;-)

Nova said...

My dear, I am excited to meet you and your family again, hope hubby isn't busy at work na, that way we will have time to visit your place. It's really nice to finally met this day and your daughter is so adorable.... lami kaayo hulaman hehehhe