Saturday, May 25, 2013

Woke up with a flooded laundry room

I woke up early in the morning to go to the bathroom. I was sleeping in the family room that night. I got up and was wondering why the carpet is wet. I turn on the light in the kitchen to check for the refrigerator. I thought the refrigerator is open and that is why the water is leaking from the fridge. Surprisingly, the kitchen floor is dry.  

I went my may to the bathroom, and the floor is wet. I was shocked of the water I see on the floor. I heard a dripping in the laundry room. There it was the laundry room is flooded. I panic and do not know what to do. My husband worked afternoon and got home around 11 at night. I do not know if I wake him up. I am not sure if he gets mad at me for waking him up. Knowing that he has a problem sleeping and my decision is very vital. I woke him up and as expected he sound asleep. I felt badly that I have to wake him up. I have no choice but to let him know the situation. 

He was still half sleep when I talked to him. I told him the laundry room is wet. He said that I have to clean it up. I told him to check out the laundry room and he did. We spent an hour or so cleaning up the mess on the laundry room. I wipe the floor.
 photo vacuum.jpg
.He then get the vacuum we have that is awesome for wet spot. The vacuum suction all the water and dried up the laundry room for now. He also checked the hot water tank. He suspected that it was from the water tank. We went back to bed and will call a service man in the morning.  What a night that was.  

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