Monday, March 25, 2013

Received our Federal Income Tax refund

Last Friday we received our Federal Income Tax refund. It took two weeks exactly to receive it in the mail after my husband filed our joint income tax return. We are happy that at least we receive something. My husband just deposit the check to our joint savings account. I know that he will use the money for the house. I like it that way than spending the money buying unnecessary stuff. We are waiting for the State income tax refund, hope to receive it this week as well.  

How about you? Did you filed your income ax return yet? Did you receive your income tax refund? What are you going to do with your refund?


Deli said...

Would you believe it that my 2008 tax refund from BIR has not been given to me yet? Some of my office mates already got theirs in 2009 yet. I have already written the national BIR office last week. Hope I will get mine soon.

Phioxee said...

im working in private company so my tax is always updated and no returns. urg