Friday, February 22, 2013

Thank you Izea for the Valentine’s treat

One of my journal friend shared a picture of the treats that she received from Izea. She asked me if I receive mine too. Unfortunately our mail box that day is empty. I told myself that maybe I was not chosen to receive Valentine's treat from Izea.

I am very surprised that I got a box in our mail box that Saturday afternoon. I never thought that it was the Valentine's treat from Izea. I am very happy indeed and thankful to Izea. It is a company that helps me as write and earn money and received products as free too. I do like this company.

What is inside my Valentine’s treat box? It has treats inside a plastic bag. It also come with a postcard node from Izea. The treats are candies and chocolates like Tootsie roll, kisses, bubble gum and many more. I only eat the chocolates especially the kisses my favorites. It also come with two Valentine’s pencil and a red fortune cookie. I have never seen a red fortune cookie before which I think is very adorable.
This is what is  inside my fortune cookie “ YOU WILL SPEND THE REST OF YOUR DAYS WITH THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE” which is true. My husband is off for four days and the kids have no school for nine days. My favorite of all the Valentine’s treat is this red heart shape soft toy. It is squeaky.

What about you? Did you receive the Valentine’s treat from Izea as well? I want to say thank you Izea for all the Valentine’s treat.

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joy said...

Congratulation with your gifts:)
Anyway, I don't know about Izea and how to be in contact with them and to write for them. I will surely do, if I know how and I can.
Thanks for visiting and have a nice weekend!

Leovi said...

I love the chocolate candies.