Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My 11th year here in America

It was February 16th of 2002 when I first arrived in San Francisco, California. It was a very long flight from Manila to San Francisco via Philippine Airlines. I cannot forget I am carrying my X-ray result with me all the time. It was a tiring flight being my first time flying in the international flight. The foods that the airlines served were very delicious. I still remember this mean woman telling me that I can use other bathroom. I was inline because I need “to go” so bad. As a first timer, you are still learning your emotions during the very long flight. I remembered I was interview by the Immigration officer and asking about a certain documents. I did not bring it with me. I replied to him that my fiancĂ© that time now my husband submitted it in the US Embassy in Manila, Philippines. I am glad that he believes in me and stamp my passport as my port of entry.

It was 34 degrees when I first step out at the Buffalo International Airport in New York. It felt like I am inside the freezer. Can you imagine from 90 degrees to 34 degrees in 24 hours? I am sure that your body is shock with the temperature changes. Life has been great since then. I am very blessed with two kids. My first job is in the nursing home for seven months but have to stop when I gave birth. I visited the Philippines for four times. The recent was last year of July 2012. My kids are both baptized in the Philippines. I lost the best man in my life, my father, whom until now I miss so badly. I know that he is very happy in heaven.
I had been to some States like Georgia, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Chicago. I also went to Canada and Japan. I love the steak with mushroom and asparagus. I still eat Filipino foods everyday.   I learned how to drive and have my driving license. I also become an American citizen.  These are some of my achievements since I live here in America. I want to say thank you to my husband for loving me as I am. I want to say thank you to America for accepting me as I am as well.

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