Monday, January 14, 2013

No nonsense tights and leggings make any outfit in style

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Everybody has their own fashion style. It does not matter where you are from. It does not matter also if the weather is warm or cold. You just have to play with what to wear and what makes you comfortable. The important accessory to wear for your foot is a tights or leggings.      
Do you know that you can found No nonsense tights or leggings at food and drug stores as well as mass retail stores? No nonsense tights and leggings are very affordable and come in many colors. You can pair it with any outfit you have in your closet. You can also learn ideas and tips from Jill Martin. Do you know who is Jill Martin? She is a fashion expert who is partnered with No nonsense tights and leggings to help us wear the perfect tights and leggings with our matching outfits. She is also an Emmy award winning celebrity. We will never run out of styles from Jill Martin.      
What is your favorite outfit to wear? I am not a fashion expert. I created a collage that I want to wear someday in a special occasion. I hope to wear this when the weather is not so cold. I really love the mix and match from this collage. Do you like yellow? I love the yellow color. I think this is perfect for spring weather.  I love the yellow dress that I pair with yellow shoes. The necklace looks so perfect with the dress too. I like the coat too. The yellow tights from No nonsense makes the outfit so perfect? What do you think?     
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