Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Disney Princess 20 inch Singing & Storytelling Doll - Belle

Blogger Opportunity

This giveaway will be from 

1/08/2013  to  2/7/2013

Come and be part of this awesome giveaway!

Disney Princess 20 inch Singing & Storytelling Doll - Belle Value $99.99

Options to join

**FREE FACEBOOK OR TWITTER with announcement (If no announcement pay $5.00)

*Additional links $1.00 each (optional)
* Host a page $5 fee (Optional)
*Be one of the Host $10.00 (Optional) -Host does not pay any other fee As I host you will get: -Will be part of the giveaway without the $2.00 charge -Name with link of your blog as a host on the post -Mandatory entry links on the rafflecopter (up tp 4 links) -Host a page

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* Agree to post the giveaway html on the date the event begins and promote at least 3x a week

Please send any Payments:


Any payment received will go to pay for prize that I already purchased , shipping charges and futures giveaways with no sponsors.

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Chubskulit Rose said...

Another great blogging event. Somebody will be very happy to have this.

Gagay said...

i love this barbie!!! and would love if i'll receive one this holiday season.. :)

Enna Nospmoht said...

Wow this is so nice for girls. I hope you win mamie. Good luck!

mhie@smarlk said...

My daughter loves Princess Bella,hope to win so it add-up to her collection.

kulasa said...

A singing and storytelling doll, wow, I would love to have had one when I was a little girl :) and yes I still would love to have one..the kiddos are boys so am pretty sure they'd say they'd rather have me have it, hehe, wishing I could join and win :D Happy weekend :D

Raine said...

that's a pretty doll. nice giveaway. the winner would be really lucky to have it :)

Ria C said...

This is a wonderful giveaway specially to the young girls who love Disney's Princess Belle (if I was younger, I would jump for joy bec she's my fave Disney princess).

I'm not sure if I missed it while reading the whole HTML post, but didn't read anywhere if this giveaway will be open world wide or to certain areas only. Kindly advise.

Thanks a lot!

Josie said...

Ohhh this is a very cute doll, all girls will love to have her specially this Christmas..

papaleng said...

Frankly speaking, wala akong alam dito and this my first time to get my nose at this stuff. Bookmarked this one, para balikan ko. But it seems a nice giveaway. Barbie pa ang prize.

Teresa Martinez said...

This Disney princess sure is a doll. it is every little girl's dream toy.

Rovie Aguis said...

What a darling!

I'm sure my baby girl would love to have this one too :)

Destiny Renze said...

Cute Barbie.. i wish to give one to one of my colleagues daughter :)

emzkie said...

aw this is a great opportunity and a great giveaway too! little girls will surely love this.

Lainy said...

I wish this is open worldwide. Goodluck to all the participants, Mommy.

lencilicious said...

That will be a nice gift for my niece.

KC said...

Aw, favorite Disney character ko si Belle.. =) Sayang at di ako mahilig mag-join sa ganito..