Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My little girl as a Fairy

The family went to the mall to go shopping last Saturday. The kids went to their Daddy at Macy’s for men store. I shop by myself which was really great. I can shop by myself. I went to two stores by myself. I went to Victoria’s Secret. I also went to Crazy 8 store. They sell kids clothes from newborn to 14 years old for boys and girls. I also had a 20% coupon for that store. I might as well use the coupon, right? It will save me money.

Photobucket I really like the store. I bought some shirts, accessories and costumes from that store. I found this Fairy costume for my little girl. The outfits sold separately in the clearance section. It is a size 7-8 which she can wear next year. This is not her costume for Halloween this year by the way. I thought that she will look adorable when she wear them. I really like the wing most of all. My little girl likes her fairy costume very much. She even wears it the entire night.

What do you think of my little fairy? Does she look adorable?  I am linking this entry to Blue Monday.


Anonymous said...

That's nice! I always wanted my little girl to be like either a fairy or a princess during Halloween! it must be something not scary at all.

jheylo said...

cute pretty k in her fairy outfit. make sure you wear nice and warm clothes too so you wont get sick when you wander around the neighborhood for candies :D

SmilingSally said...

Thanks for sharing your pretty wings with blue.

I'm sorry to take so long to comment, but my computer acted up.

I look forward to reading your comment on my blog.

Happy Blue Monday, Jessica.

iAmAnnaMarie said...

Adorable little fairy indeed!..She's so cute and I love her wings too.

Unknown said...

awww, i hope this will invite fairy hob mother to drop by and greet this cute lil fairy

Bless said...

She is a princess :-) so pretty.

I love Crazy 8 too. I always shop there for our girls clothing, especially if they have sales going on.

Mommy Glen said...

momi jess, your daughter K is really pretty