Monday, September 3, 2012

Wild yellow flowers along the power lines

We live close to the power lines.  Our house is next to it. There is a trail and property that my husband’s work company owns it. The wild flowers grow along the trail and surround the area too. I was driving the golf cart when I see wild yellow flowers.
I have to get my son so he can take a picture of me and her sister.
It is beautiful not to notice these wild yellow flowers growing.
You can see it all over the trail and that property.
My son took most of our pictures.
Do you like wild flowers too? I am linking this entry to Mellow Yellow Monday.


Dhemz said...

we have plenty of those in our backyard mamijess...I mean outside the! so pretty right? murag d all the photos...great job kuya K!

Bless said...

If our daughters see wild yellow flowers anywhere, they always love to pick it and give it to me :-) Looks like you have a bonding time with your kids Mommy :-)

jheylo said...

awwww two beautiful ladies surrounded with beautiful yellow flowers. sa inyo ng tugkalan mami jess?

Anonymous said...

this is what i love here in our area too, that there's a lot of wild flowers every where, they're beautiful too.

Unknown said...

cool that your husband's company do value nature with plants...

thanks for sharing :)
Everything Etcetera

Nancy said...

pretty yellows and pretty models too! ;)

I can't tell exactly what these flowers are called Jes but looks like its variety is native here in our country.

Unknown said...

You have a beautiful sister ;-) - those are lovely flowers indeed. Looks a lovely place anyway. Great shots, kudos to your son.

My Little Home said...

Good job Kuya K hehehe, pero bat wala siya sa picture?

Shela said...

Awesome background momi! Asa mana dapita?

emzkie said...

beautiful wild flowers mommy Jess!