Saturday, September 29, 2012

New York City so near yet too far

I live in New York but did not visit New York City yet. It is my wildest dream to visit this famous city in America. We live near but yet too far. I even have a cousin that lives there. She even invited me and my family to come see her and meet her family. It only takes an hour and maybe not even when you take the plane. It will take you six hours or so to drive. You can ride your car or take a train.

Some of my friends visit New York City already and telling you the truth of course I am jealous. I hope to visit New York City in the future. I like to join contest and giveaway and who knows I am the lucky winner and trip to New York City is the prize.

What about you? Have you been to New York City? Do you have plans to visit New York City? I know that if my family will visit New York City we will have the fun. I have to make sure that I will write what locations or places to visit. I want to visit the famous Central Park. I want to check out the Statue of Liberty just like in this picture. I want to visit the Time Square as well.  

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emzkie said...

it is my wildest dream too. someday when hubby and i go there to apply for a bank account in PNB.

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Rcel said...

aguy momi Jess, wa pa ka kaadto diay sa NYC? Na magdungan nalang ta puhon! LOL. Kami pa diha sa imong dapit, balik-balikan guro namo ang NYC every month. LOL. Wildest dream pud na naku makatamak diha. Last summer unta to, kung wa ko nabuntis.Unta next year, kay mao among plano. Aron magkakita na dayon ta Momi Jess. :)

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