Friday, September 21, 2012

A pretty outfit for fall

Fall is officially tomorrow. It means that the chilly days are coming too. Today is a perfect day here in Western New York. It is not chilly and it is not warm. This week is getting chilly though when the fall begins.

Fall is beautiful. My kids like fall. It means also that I have to bundle them up when they go to school especially my little girl. I bought this pretty pink jacket and pants at Kohl’s. It is a bit expensive. I have no choice except to buy it. She really needs new fall outfit so as her big brother. I do not know how to buy them both fall outfits. Clothes are very expensive especially that I love sets for my little girl just like this outfit. I see some stores that accept lay-away. I think I will apply the lay-away. I want to buy more outfits for my kids. What about you? Are your kids all set for the cold season ahead? I am linking this entry to #366 of Blog Photo Challenge.


anney said...

Very cute! I love the girly color!

Dhemz said...

shopping for fall outfit is exciting! dire mamijess, pang summer paman amo suot...ehhehe...wapa jud signs sa fall...that's a cute looking outfit!

bpc hop pod ko dire!

Rcel said...

Cute outfit Momi Jess! I did some shopping, too, last week, for the Fall. As usual, buslot na pud bulsa! LOL.

BPC hop here! ;-)

emzkie said...

it is chilly here in our end, my eldest wears jacket to keep warm. those are cute mommy Jess.