Saturday, August 25, 2012

I received a free gym top

Nothing beats when you received a free item, right? I am very happy that I received this free black top from an advertiser.
It is a gym top that I can use very soon when I work out. This black top is very comfy to wear. It is stretchable and forms with your body. I can also wear this top with a short or jeans.
I know that it will help me lose some pounds that I gained from my vacation in the Philippines. You need working out clothes that will help you perspire. This top is a must to wear.


fitness and fab said...

ooh how i wish i can receive freebies too

Beyond Zephyr said...

That's an awesome free gift, especially when you can actually use it too :-)

jheylo said...

it must be comfortable to wear this. the texture looks stretchy and comfy.

Anonymous said...

that's great! i love free stuff!

MomGlenz said...

mao ni ang NUK top momi? wala pa naabot ako mura mopilit mani sa tiyan oi :( unsaon nalang ni pagtago akong bil2x

Mel Cole said...

nice gym top mommy. nothing beats free stuff. :D