Monday, June 4, 2012

Why our eyes turn red

Every part of our body is very important for us especially the eyes. I do not know how I feel if loosing my eye sight. Luckily, I do not need to wear eye glasses yet. Actually, it gives me headache if I wear sun glasses to protect my eyes from the sun light while driving. 

My Mom and my sister both wear eye glasses. My Mom has a new eye glasses last month. I hope it helps her see well. I just do not like the idea that her eyes bother her. I do freak out if she tells me about her eyes. I write journals and use my eyes more looking in the computer. There are times that my eyes hurt and it is itchy. I think I spend more time in the computer. I have to take a break for few minutes just to relax my eyes. 

Photobucket My husband wears eyeglasses only for reading. He uses the visine all the time. He has the red eyes usually. I wonder why. Do you know the Causes of Eye Redness? You can find it here. These will help us protect our eyes. It is very informative that is why you need to check the Website.   

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