Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Plan to buy a new mail box

I used to receive mails from the mail carrier before I came here in America. I know I am getting excited when I see the mail carrier going down from the stair. I cannot wait when he calls my name that I have a letter. I like receiving mails from my boyfriend now my husband always gives me the best feeling ever. I received all my letters safely because I trust the mail carrier. There are times that I wish we have a mailbox. My Aunt has one on their front gate. I want to receive surprise mail once in a while. Now that I live in America, I finally have a mailbox across the road. We did not buy the mailbox. The mailbox is here from the previous owner. Our mailbox is big. I still want to have our own mailbox. Someday we will get a new mailbox. The mayne mailbox is one of my choices. They have the mailbox posts of any color. I want to buy a different kind of post next time that matches our house. I will pick a gray next time which I can find like the signature mailboxes here. Photobucket This company sells durable mailbox or any outdoor products. They also offer free shipping. They will accept 30 days for returns. I am sure that you will like their products once you buy from them. This is the mail box that I want to buy from this Website. I can also plant flowers behind the post. I think it looks beauty to my mail box for sure.

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Pretty Kat said...

Nice design of a mail box. Our mail box was attached to the gate for safety purposes. hehe kabalo ka na diri sa pinas, hastang mail boxes bitbiton sa kawatan waaa..

agi ko momi J