Sunday, June 3, 2012

How to win the Clorox® sweepstakes

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Clorox® is the best products for household. You can use it with the laundry, floors and disinfecting. I have used the Clorox® Liquid-Bleach when I learned how to wash my own clothes. Growing up, we do not have a washing machine. We wash our clothes by hand. My Mom now has a washing machine. She still uses the Clorox ®Liquid-Bleach when she does laundry. It is wonderful with the white clothes. 
I also love to use the Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes when I am cleaning. This makes cleaning the bathroom sinks and the toilet bowl easier. I use it too with my phones. I use it with my refrigerator handles. You can use the Pine-Sol® Multi- Surface cleansers in your floors. These are some tips that I can share to you.
Do you like to join a sweepstakes? Do you know that there is a sweepstake called It Pays to Vacation at Home? It is easy to join the sweepstakes. All you do is check out the from May 20-June 24, 2012. The available prizes are the following: TWENTY (20) Grand Prizes of $500 “paycheck” to vacation at home. There are 100 FIRST prizes for $25 dollar general gift card. When you registered, you can play “Wipe to Open” and will get a chance to win $10 Dollar General Gift card. 
What about you? Do you like to win some prizes? Please join the sweepstakes and you can win the instant prize at the dollar You can use the gift card to buy the Clorox® products or any from the store. I am sure that you will enjoy shopping more at the Dollar General store.  

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Nita said...

We use Clorox products a lot. What I like about Clorox wipes is that, it disinfect and sanitize on a variety of surfaces.

Mel C. said...

oh I like to use Clorox in disinfecting my bathroom sink, toilet and floor. :) nice product as a home cleaning essential.

jheylo said...

i use clorox a lot of times specially when i clean our kitchen and bathroom. just the other day i had to buy the clorox bleach to get rid of the sink's unpleasant odor :) it works well.

Grandma Juice said...

We use clorox bleach all the time

Ellen said...

Thanks for sharing. We use Clorox for cleaning all the time. I like their Green Works.